19 November - Today

19 November - Today

19 November - Today

19 November - Today


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News: Tom Hanks is Publishing a Short Story Collection

Written by staff on November 04

Tom Hanks — yes, Oscar-winning movie star Tom Hanks — will publish a short story collection with Knopf, the publisher announced Monday. The book of short fiction is still untitled, and its release date has not yet been set.

One thing is known about the book: Its stories will be inspired by Hanks’ collection of typewriters.

In a release, Hanks said, “I’ve been collecting typewriters for no particular reason since 1978 – both manual and portable machines dating from the thirties to the nineties. The stories are not about the typewriters themselves, but rather, the stories are something that might have been written on one of them.”

Last month, Hanks published his first short story ever in no less than the New Yorker. “Alan Bean Plus Four” was said to be inspired by Hanks’ film and television work around the space program — “Apollo 13” and “From the Earth to the Moon” — and not a typewriter. (Maybe a typewriter too. We will see). [More at source]

Gallery Update: The Man with One Red Shoe (1985)

Written by staff on October 27

The gallery have been updated with Tom’s movie The Man with One Red Shoe from 1985. Behind the scenes, promotional stills & screencaptures have been uploaded, you can check them out by clicking on the thumbnails below:


Movie Projects > 1985 – The Man with One Red Shoe > Behind the Scenes
Movie Projects > 1985 – The Man with One Red Shoe > Posters & Promotional
Movie Projects > 1985 – The Man with One Red Shoe > Production Stills
Movie Projects > 1985 – The Man with One Red Shoe > Screencaptures

News: Tom Hanks writes a Short Story For the New Yorker

Written by staff on October 24

Traveling to the moon was way less complicated this year than it was back in 1969, as the four of us proved, not that anyone gives a whoop. You see, over cold beers on my patio, with the crescent moon a delicate princess fingernail low in the west, I told Steve Wong that if he threw, say, a hammer with enough muscle, said tool would make a five-hundred-thousand-mile figure eight, sail around that very moon, and return to Earth like a boomerang, and wasn’t that fascinating? [More at source]

Gallery Update: Splash (1984)

Written by staff on October 11

Another addition to the gallery have been made as I’ve updated it with BTS, promotional & production stills of Tom in Splash (1984). You can check them out by clicking on the thumbnails below:


Movie Projects > 1984 – Splash > Behind the Scenes
Movie Projects > 1984 – Splash > Posters & Promotional
Movie Projects > 1984 – Splash > Production Stills
Movie Projects > 1984 – Splash > Screencaptures

News: Inferno Release Date Pushed to December 2016

Written by staff on October 10

Looking to avoid “Star Wars: Episode VII,” Sony has pushed back the release of its Dan Brown adaptation “Inferno,” which will find Tom Hanks reprising his role as Robert Langdon.

After directing “The DaVinci Code” and “Angels and Demons,” Ron Howard is returning for “Inferno,” which Sony will now release on Oct. 14, 2016.

“Inferno” had been scheduled to go head-to-head with “Star Wars: Episode VII” on Dec. 18, 2015. Now, only the Tina Fey-Amy Poehler comedy “The Nest” will have that distinct pleasure, though it could prove to be a savvy counter programming decision.

Heading into production next spring in Italy, “Inferno” will now compete for audiences against J.A. Bayona’s “A Monster Calls,” which features Liam Neeson as the titular creature and also opens on Oct. 14, 2016.

“Inferno” will open one week after Ben Affleck‘s crime drama “Live By Night” and Universal’s “Monster High,” and one week before WB releases Andy Serkis’ “Jungle Book: Origins” in theaters. [source]

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