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2003 – Freedom: A History of US
Tom Hanks as Abraham Lincoln/Charles E. Wood/Daniel Boone

Directed by: Philip Kunhardt III, Peter W. Kunhardt, Nancy Steiner
Original Network: PBS
Number of Episodes: 7 (that Tom has starred in)
Production year: 2003
Original release: January 12, 2003
Running time: 26 minutes
Other cast: Katie Couric, Eric Foner, Philip Bosco
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“Freedom” is the overarching theme of this sixteen-part series, based on the award winning books by master storyteller Joy Hakim. Freedom is what has drawn to America countless human beings from around the world; it is what generations of men and women have lived and died for; it is, in a profound sense, our nation’s highest calling. This is also the story of the chief obstacles to American freedom — the “unfreedoms” that have littered our national story, and in some cases have called its very integrity into question. But despite all the mistakes and all the tragic setbacks, there is an overarching positive message to this series. This is a history of the United States as the unfolding, inspiring story of human liberties aspired to and won.