10 January - "Masters Of The Air" Premiere

10 January - "Masters Of The Air" Premiere

10 January - "Masters Of The Air" Premiere

10 January - "Masters Of The Air" Premiere


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2004 – Elvis Has Left the Building

Directed by: Joel Zwick
Written by: Mitchell Ganem, Adam-Michael Garber
Produced by: Sharon Harel, Tova Laiter, Jane Barclay
Production year: 2004
Original release: 27 August 2004 (UK)
Running time: 1 Hour, 30 Minutes
Other cast: Kim Basinger, John Corbett, Annie Potts
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Harmony, a cosmetic saleslady who was born at an Elvis concert, finds her life linked to the legend. One day while driving, she accidentally kills some Elvis impersonators and flees the scene. She goes on the run from the FBI and joins up with a depressed executive.