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1989 – The ‘Burbs
Tom Hanks as Ray Peterson

Directed by: Joe Dante
Written by: Dana Olsen
Produced by: Larry Brezner, Michael Finnell, Ron Howard, Dana Olsen
Production year: 1989
Original release: 17 February 1989 (USA)
Running time: 1 Hour, 41 Minutes
Other cast: Bruce Dern, Carrie Fisher, Rick Ducommun
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This story takes place in a typical American neighborhood, when some new neighbors come to live in the house next to Ray Peterson. These new people are really strange; nobody has ever seen them, their house is a real mess, and during the night you can hear weird noises from their basement. The only thing they know is their name: Klopeks. One day Walter (an old man of the neighborhood) suddenly disappears and everyone starts to suspect the Klopeks…