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1985 – Volunteers
Tom Hanks as Lawrence Whatley Bourne III

Directed by: Nicholas Meyer
Written by: Keith Critchlow,Ken Levine, David Isaacs
Produced by: Walter F. Parkes, Richard Shepherd
Production year: 1985
Original release: 16 August 1985 (USA)
Running time: 1 Hour, 47 Minutes
Other cast: John Candy, Rita Wilson, Tim Thomerson
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Lawrence is a rich kid with a bad accent and a large debt. After his father refuses to help him out, Lawrence escapes his angry debtors by jumping on a Peace Corp flight to Southeast Asia, where is assigned to build a bridge for the local villagers with American-As-Apple-Pie WSU Grad Tom Tuttle and the beautiful and down-to earth Beth Wexler. What they don’t realize is that the bridge is coveted by the U.S. Army, a local Communist force, and a powerful drug lord. Together with the help of At Toon, the only English speaking native, they must fight off the three opposing forces and find out what is right for the villagers, as well as themselves.